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Monday, February 06, 2006

Water Safety 4/9/03

He’s always so lost and
Fascinated by me --
As if I’m a mermaid,
A vision at sea --
And he a fisherman who can’t swim.

His bait cannot lure me,
His hook -- it might hurt me,
And so he decides to dive in.

And I soften my tone
When I share my world.
And he reminds me of all
That I’m missing.

In love with a life
That is never my own,
I forget who I am
When I kiss him.

So quickly it seems,
My scales lose their gleam
Down where the sun cannot brown them.
He struggles for air
For he’s gone too deep.
He wakes from his dream
And he’s drowning.

A fantasy shared,
I am saved
And he cared for.
I sing until I am voiceless.
I give all I can,
But he longs for dry land
Where they stand on two feet
And make choices.


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